Loki (Kate Herron, 2021) is one chapter away from ending and Marvel Studios already has the next series in its bedroom. Is about What would happen if…? (AC Bradley), a miniseries through which various possible scenarios within the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be explored. Within the production will be seen different characters that were already presented on the big screen and in the Marvel and Disney Plus series.

We speak, of course, of WandaVision (Matt Shakman, 2021), Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Kari Skogland, 2021) and the aforementioned Loki, in addition to the dozens of films presented during the last twenty years. What would happen if…? is within this range of productions designed to be consumed through the streaming. In turn, they work to expand the Cinematic Universe a little more. In this case, it will do so in a way not seen before.

What would happen if…? It will be the first work between Marvel and Disney developed as animation. The adaptation will be inspired by the comic What if …?. The comics, first published in 1977, are based on various scenarios that did not occur within the company’s traditional narrative but could have occurred. After its initial publication, twelve more series followed.

The new trailer for ‘What if …’

The preview begins by recreating one of the scenes from Iron Man (Jon favreau, 2008), altering its ending. Tony Stark ends up being saved from an attack by Erik Killmonger. Yes, the villain of Black Panther (Ryan coogler, 2018). From the outset, the trailer for What would happen if…? presents The Old Woman of Doctor Strange (Scott derrickson, 2016), who also appears in different roles within the trailer.

That beginning already suggests the narrative field that the production will address, from the first Marvel movies to more recent events and other probable ones, such as a world full of zombies. Another of the scenarios recreated through What would happen if…? en: what would have happened if instead of The Avengers the Guardians of the Galaxy appeared during the events in New York?

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To the previous possibilities, which will be addressed in the series, others are added. One of them is what would have happened during a relationship between T’Challa and Yondu; Another of those suggested is the recreation of different universes that were not treated in previous productions. That explains the following quote, taken from the preview: “Enter the multiverse of infinite possibilities.” These types of relationships are a constant in the trailer and will be the basis of What would happen if…?.

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Captain Carter, The Watcher and the release date

One of the most anticipated characters within What would happen if…? It’s Captain Carter. She appears as another version of Peggy Carter, the Captain America couple. Within this universe of possibilities, Captain Carter emerges wearing the shield and costume associated with Steven Rogers.

On the other hand, the chapters will be narrated by The Watcher (The Watcher). This character will be voiced by Jeffrey Wright (Westworld). Judging by what was suggested in the trailer for What would happen if…?, The Vigilante cannot intervene in the different situations that he observes. It appears as an entity that is aware of everything but does not want to take part in conflicts.

What would happen if…? It can be seen from August 11 at Disney Plus.

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