iOS 15 It will arrive next fall with great news, such as the possibility of making FaceTime calls on Android or improvements in Safari. The next version of the operating system for iPhone will also include an important feature at the productivity and focus level: the Concentration Mode.

This feature is available on both iPhones with iOS 15 and iPads with iPadOS 15. It allows you to create different states to choose from. which apps or which contacts can send notifications to our device. For example, users can activate a focus mode for work and thus only receive notifications from apps or messages from coworkers.

It is possible to activate and configure the Concentration Mode with different options. To do this, you only need to access the “Concentration” section available in the system settings. Manzana will show some default statuses that offer exclusive functions. Sport mode, for example, can be synced with Apple Watch to automatically trigger a workout on the watch.

How to create a custom Concentration Mode

You can too customize that state and add more limitations or create a completely custom mode. To do this, access the system settings and click on the ‘+’ button that appears at the top of the screen. Select the emoji, name and contacts and apps that can send you alerts.

Apple offers the opportunity to select which people or which applications can send us notifications. There is an option to be able to receive “sensitive” notifications. That is, notices that are not related to Concentration Mode, but that may be urgent. iMessages, in addition, can also show your mode of concentration in conversations.

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The Concentration Mode in iOS 15 can work through automations to activate a status automatically. For example, your iPhone can activate “Work” mode when it detects that you are in a different location.

There are some extra options that can also be very useful for this function. One of them is the possibility of hide notification balloons on home screen or select whether or not we want to show the muted notifications on the locked screen.

Practical uses for concentration mode in iOS 15

Apple, let’s remember, offers different modes of concentration, but it is also possible to customize them depending on the activity. Here we give you some practical tips for creating a state.

  • Job– Receive notifications from work-related apps such as Gmail, Slack, Telegram, etc. Activate message and call notifications from your co-workers.
  • Rest– Turn off important notifications to disconnect.
  • Exercise: You can activate the custom mode offered by Apple and allow notifications from apps related to sport and fitness.
  • Study: Allow notifications from apps to study or from your classmates.
  • Series or movie: allows notifications from friends so they can call you and watch a series or movie using the SharePlay feature of FaceTime. You can also allow notifications from streaming apps.
  • Games: Allow calls and notifications from your friends and teammates, as well as apps, games or platforms that you use to play on your iPhone or iPad.

To activate or switch between a concentration mode In iOS 15, just swipe up the Control Center and click the “Focus” button. You can also ask Siri to activate a status.