They will lock up those who insult on Twitter

They will lock up those who insult on Twitter

Since social networks have existed they have been used for different purposes, some give mass messages, others talk about their favorite hobbies, some promote products and some share their music. However, others only dedicate themselves to insulting almost everything that comes their way, and fortunately this will already have a sanction.

Soon Japan will punish who dares to insult just for fun in Twittera project that was approved a few days ago and that will come into force from the next July 7th in progress. Whoever does so will receive a year in prison or pay a fine of 300,000 yen, which is equivalent to almost 46,000 pesos of Mexico.

The possibility of including this law began after the death of the fighter hana kimurawho committed suicide in 2020 due to some racist insults he received while participating in the reality show Terrace House. The 22-year-old girl decided to end her own life on May 23 of that year, because she did not contain the depression that she accumulated from the comments.


This last fact had its repercussions, given that the Japanese government decided to accelerate the law that they wanted to impose, which began with a fine of 10,000 yen, which is equivalent to 1,500 pesos or 30 days in prison. Punishment that was cause for complaints, since something like that deserved something more severe, that led them to the current law that will be activated tomorrow.

Some comment that the law may violate copyright, but the government has already made clear the parameters that will be covered, this includes publicly degrading a person’s social position. Even with this, many think that the law is somewhat ambiguous, so the points should be further explored in relation to harassment.

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Via: KyodoNews