Crime in Ciudad Evita: The Victim’s Car

Juan Jose AnfusoIsidro Casanova’s neighbor, he was 46 years old, he was the father of a 4-year-old girl and a goalkeeper at a school in the western area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires. But also, he drove an Uber in his spare time. This morning, while working for the travel app, her car collided with another that was parked in City Avoid: when they went to see him they discovered that they had shot him: he was dead.

Investigators suspect that he may have been killed in a robbery. The truth is that the crime of the Uber driver in the party The slaughter it happened one day after a policeman who worked as a driver of the application killed two criminals who tried to rob him in the Buenos Aires town of González Catán.

In this case, it happened during the early hours of this Tuesday in the monoblocks area of ​​the town of City Avoid and the victim was attacked inside his gray Chevrolet Onix car, in an apparent robbery.

It was 7 o’clock, when a call to 911 alerted by a vehicle that had collided with another that was parked at the intersection of Central avenue and 900 street, the same place where last month a 21-year-old street vendor who had been killed in a fight over a money debt was fired at the funeral procession.

The place where Anfunso ended up crashing into another vehicle
The place where Anfunso ended up crashing into another vehicle

Immediately, troops from the 3rd Police Station in La Matanza went to the place, believing that it was all just an accident. Nevertheless, Upon arrival, the police confirmed that the Onix had several bullet wounds and that the driver was dead.

According to the first skills, Anfunso had one shot with an entrance and exit hole in his left armpit, which caused his death. A source in the case detailed to the agency Telam that in the Chevrolet, in addition, “a shot entered through the driver’s window and another through the rear window, and exited through the windshield.”

Apparently, the man had been shot a few blocks earlier and managed to drive to the place where he hit the other car. The thing is About 150 meters from the area where it collided, six served pods and a 9-millimeter lead were found. The autopsy will establish whether the victim was shot further.

The investigation fell into the hands of the prosecutor Marcos Borghi, in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit specialized in Homicides of La Matanza, who classified the file as homicide and ordered the hijacking of the car.

At the moment, it is being investigated whether it was a single attacker involved in the crime of the Uber driver, or several. The hypothesis is that Anfuso would have been assaulted, although the robbery did not materialize, since Inside the car was the victim’s wallet, cash and cell phone.

The suspects who tried to assault a policeman in González Catán
The suspects who tried to assault a policeman in González Catán

The episode occurred in the same party where a 26-year-old Buenos Aires Police officer who, in his frank and civilian clothes, worked as an Uber driver killed two suspects who tried to assault him when he was transferring a passenger in González Catán.

Just a few minutes after midnight on Monday, the two men approached the officer, a member of the Motorized Prevention Group of the Buenos Aires Police, at the intersection of Tomas Valle and Inca. In his story, the driver said he saw one of the suspects armed and assured that he gave the voice of stop, without getting off the black Volkwagen Gol he was driving.

Later, fired a series of shots at the two criminals through the car windows. Miguel Ángel Servían, 33, and his companion who was trying to be identified, died on the spot. The prosecutor Gaston Duplaá, of the UFI specialized in Homicides of La Matanza in turn, ordered that the investigations be in charge of the National Gendarmerie and, for the moment, did not adopt any temperament against the policeman: considers that he acted in legitimate defense.


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