The Soria Torrezno Days bring the iconic bacon to a cheesecake, a cannelloni or a skewer with kimchi

The Soria Torrezno Days bring the iconic bacon to a cheesecake, a cannelloni or a skewer with kimchi

The torrezno from Soria It is a gastronomic icon of its province revived in recent years as a delicacy gourmetAs long as you prepare well. The recently held contest for the Best Torrezno in the World vindicates its quality, but there is also room to reinterpret this simple delicacy with more or less surprising textures, ingredients and pairings, even turning it into a sweet bite.

Beyond the high-calorie Chocotorrezno that we were able to try some time ago, the Soria Torrezno Days bring together 22 proposals for savory and sweet tapas on a peculiar tapas route through the main bars and restaurants of the province. More than twenty small dishes that show that something as simple as torrezno just needs a little creativity and a good knowledge of the raw material to adapt to any type of cuisine.

The complete list of establishments can be consulted on the official website, as well as the cover proposed by each participating establishment with the ingredients that make it up.

There are options for all tastes, from the most typical dishes with refined touches, such as broken eggs or important potatoes, to most innovative recipes such as torrezno roché trompe l’oeil, a salty flan, sweet ricotta and torrezno cake or the exotic fake cannelloni buta no kakuniJapanese-inspired.

Cottage cheese and torreznos cake from Cafeteria Restaurante Virrey Palafox (El Burgo de Osma).

Most locals have chosen to launch themselves in search of surprise to compete for the award for best Torrezno of Innovationplaying even with presentations as curious as the “breakfast of Soriano” by Arevalo Housea fake pasta risotto with beef broth and torrezno with Parmesan cheese, quince, lingonberries and crispy torrezno crust, as if they were breakfast cereals.

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Torrezo Breakfast

The breakfast of the Soriano of Casa Arévalo (Soria).

The only requirement to participate is to use torreznos endorsed by the Torrezno de Soria Guarantee Mark. All caps have a single price of €2.5 and can be tasted until next may 29. This is the third edition of an event organized by Asohtur with the support of the Torrezno de Soria Guarantee Mark and the Soria City Council, the Provincial Council and the Junta de Castilla y León.

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