One of the most anticipated options by users of Google Photos is about to reach the bulk of Android users. Is about Locked Folder o Folder Closed, the protected space that allows you to store photos and videos under a password. This feature was exclusive to Pixel smartphones, but It will soon be available to the rest of the devices with the Google operating system.

A) Yes confirmed it the Mountain View company, which unveiled several of the new features that will come to Android in the short term. The specific date of the general launch of this Google Photos feature is not yet known, but it would be simply in a matter of weeks. What is known is that It will be compatible even with mobiles that use Android 6. This makes it clear that the intention is to make it available to as many users as possible.

Let’s remember that the Closed Folder of Google Photos was presented in May, during the Google I / O conference. With its arrival on all Android devices, the Californian firm finally fulfills a function that the public has long demanded.

The protected folder of Google Photos is no longer exclusive to Pixel smartphones

The general release of the password-protected folder in Google Photos means that it will be accessible to most Android users. Let us remember that all the photos and videos that are stored in said space automatically “disappear” from the main gallery. In addition, all the material stored there is not synchronized with the cloud; in fact, Google removes any existing synced copies of any files that are moved to the Closed Folder, and keeps only the local version.

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Another new feature of this option is that does not allow taking screenshots while navigating the protected area. In addition, the interaction options with the multimedia content saved in the Closed Folder are limited. This means that users can only move photos or videos to the Google Photos gallery, or delete them permanently.

Once this feature hits Google Photos, users need to go to Library> Utilities> Folder Closed. There they can indicate a PIN to protect the container, or directly use the fingerprint reader.