The Netflix movies and series that leave Spain during January

The Netflix movies and series that leave Spain during January

With each month new productions arrive on Netflix but others also leave. A natural flow within the service of streaming, which is gradually renewing its catalog while moving forward with other issues. In recent years, with the rise of new platforms for streaming, such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus or HBO Max, Netflix’s offer has been altered, taking it in new directions.

Many of these services arose to group together the content that naturally belongs to these companies. Before, they were temporarily sold to spaces like Netflix so that they could be enjoyed in their version streaming, as long as the user had the service. But Netflix blew up the industry, adding millions of subscribers and opening another business gap.

What has happened in recent years? The platforms have wanted to take advantage of this and began to group much of their content in their own spaces. Therefore, Netflix’s offer had to progressively expand to its own content. From there it is explained, for example, Red alert or series like Ozarks, to cite two examples of different styles. About Ozarks there are news: this month a new season will be released. While it arrives, on January 21, we share the series and movies that will no longer be on the platform as of January.

The Netflix productions that will come out of the catalog in January

Among the productions that will come out of the service are both animated content and live action.

Here’s the list:

  • BErlin Calling – January 14.
  • We are young. We are strong – January 14.
  • Sarajevo. The attempt – January 14.
  • Stereo – January 14.
  • seven dwarfs and me – January 14.
  • Sniper: drug trafficking – January 14.
  • Now or never – January 16.
  • The Assassination of Gianni Versace – January 17.
  • Bad day for the cut – January 17.
  • be the old savannah – January 17.
  • The mercenaries 2 – January 18.
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  • The Mechanic – January 18.
  • The messenger – January 18.
  • Pink – January 19.
  • Shaolin, the legend of the warrior monks – January 19.
  • villains – January 19.
  • giving note 3 – January 19.
  • Surviving R. Kelly – January 22.
  • Pocoyo – January 23.
  • Retaliation – January 30th.
  • spartacus – January 31.
  • grab them as you can – January 31.
  • Extraordinary You – January 31.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – January 31.
  • Come and hug me – January 31.
  • Grand Hotel: Secrets of the Nile – January 31.
  • My Secret, Terrius – January 31.
  • Tempted – January 31.