Samsung Tab S8 has arrived to revolutionize the market

Samsung Tab S8 has arrived to revolutionize the market

For a few years, the figure of the mobile worker, who does not have a permanent job and who can attend to their affairs anywhere, has become more and more widespread. Technology is obliged to respond to the new needs that arise among users, adapting to the changes that occur. The new mobile worker, increasingly present in practically all areas, needs a team that can be taken anywhere but that offers all the power and versatility. Until now, one of the devices that best fulfilled this function was the laptop. For a few weeks, also the tablets.

Until recently, tablets were devices that, although they were perfect to take anywhere and with which to work with basic tools, were a bit limited in terms of power. That was until recently because Samsung, one of the world’s leading manufacturers, presented a few weeks ago your new family of tablets: Samsung Galaxy Tab S8made up of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra models.

Here we leave you the reasons why, if you are looking for a device that is easy to transport but that gives you the same versatility and power as a PC, consider any of these tablets as your main device. In addition, thanks to its open ecosystem, we can further complete the experience with the best peripherals.

The largest screen on the market

The first aspect is the most obvious: the screen. For many people, a screen size of around 10 inches may be enough. However, we will all agree that if we are going to use it several hours a day, the larger the screen, the better. And if the size can be increased without affecting the size of the device, even better.

In the case of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 family there are three different sizes. Starting with the simplest model, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 with its 11 inchesgoing through the model Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 + that reaches 12.4 inches and arriving at the version Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, with the largest screen on the market and reaching 14.6 inches. As we say, all this without losing the portable and easy-to-handle format.

But size is not everything. Samsung has also equipped its new generation of tablets with the best possible technology in a screen.. For example, in the case of the simplest model, it has an LCD screen, while in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, it is a Super AMOLED. All three models have a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz that help us move through the content in a much more fluid way, for example while we scroll reading a news story.

Ultra resistant design thanks to aluminum

A device designed to be carried from one place to another has to have an extra degree of resistance. Knowing that if, for example, we drop it when we take it out of the backpack, it can better withstand the blows.

In the case of the three models of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 rangewe see a body that, in addition to being thin and light, is super resistant. It’s built with a variation of aluminum that makes it 30% more scratch-resistant and 40% less prone to bending than the previous model, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.

In addition to the materials in which it has been built, Samsung markets a new cover, which is also a keyboard that gives us a plus in peace of mind to avoid bumps while improving its usability, with wider keys.

Power to work, play or whatever we need

For a computer to perform at its best running any application, the choice of processor is key. In this case, Samsung has decided to incorporate the most powerful processor ever seen in a Galaxy tablet. Specifically, we are talking about the first octa core chip manufactured with 4nm technology and that is marketed with three versions of RAM: 8GB and 12GB in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and S8+ models; and up to 16GB on the Ultra model. As for storage, it reaches up to 512 GB of internal memory but with the possibility of expanding it up to 1TB through a microSD card.

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The choice of these components makes us have a perfect tablet for both work, using applications that consume a lot of computer resources, or if we also want to rest a bit playing our favorite games. Being able to play long hours of titles like PUGB or CoD Mobile on a tablet was something unthinkable a few years ago.

If we add the functions of compatibility with 5G and Wi-Fi 6E networks to a processor like this, we ensure at all times the highest speed never seen before, both for browsing and for sharing files or even for enjoying streaming content. .

Very long battery life

Being away from home and without access to a plug will not be a problem either. The tablets of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 family incorporate an intelligent battery capable of dosing consumption depending on the task we are doing.

Depending on the model, we have three types of batteries. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 model has an 8,000 mAh battery. The Tab S8+ model goes up to 10,090 and the highest model, the Ultra, goes up to 11,200 mAh. Regardless of their capacity, all three versions have Super Fast Charging 2.0 technology with up to 45W charging. If we convert it to units of time, we have 100% of the load carried out in just 80 minutes.

Video conferencing and streaming using an ultra wide angle

During confinement, programs and applications for video calls or meetings were the order of the day. And everything indicates that this way of connecting is here to stay. For this reason, the new Samsung tablets incorporate incredible front cameras of up to 12 megapixels, with an ultra wide angle included and capable of recording in 4K.

But it’s not just hardware. The use of Samsung’s intelligent framing system keeps the person in focus at all times, changing if new people join the call, for example.

S Pen, an old acquaintance but improved even more

If there is a world-famous peripheral associated with Samsung, it is the S Pen, which also extends to the world of tablets to improve productivity. After several generations with great innovations, making a pencil more and more precise and easy to use, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 family is even better than previous editions. To start, it uses a prediction algorithm for ultra-low latency[15]offering an incredible writing experience that mimics the glide of a pencil on paper.

In addition, Samsung has made it possible for us to get even more out of it thanks to the integration in drawing applications with which we can turn our tablet into a canvas and the S Pen into a brush. In this way, it is even easier to draw and create, something that is key for content creators who need to have the best tools at their disposal when they feel inspired.

After all the features, it seems that we are moving more and more towards an all-in-one device, capable of offering the best of both worlds: portability and power. Also, if you are thinking of making the leap to tablets, whether you are looking for a single tool to work with or a complementary device, you can choose between the three models of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. If the future increasingly points to a mobile workplace, having the best equipment is essential to remain productive, wherever you are.