Pixar and Disney have released the trailer for Lightyear, a spin-off related to Toy story, that saga of films that marked entire generations. On this occasion, as its name suggests, this production will deal with the story of the man who gave rise to one of the most important characters in the history of animated cinema, Buzz lightyear. It may already be one of the most anticipated films for next year.

Although Pixar and Disney had advanced some information, it is not until this moment when they have an advance on Lightyear. The Lightyear trailer is full of references to the Toy Story universe, as was logical to expect, but it offers a plus: here the story escapes Andy’s room. Therefore, it is located a few years prior to the events of the iconic saga.

As part of the details that were already known about the series, the person responsible for giving voice to the character will be Chris Evans. The address of Lightyear It is in charge of Angus MacLane, who at the time was part of the work team of Finding Dory (Andrew Stanton, 2016).

The trailer for Lightyear and the story to tell

Lightyear It will not deal with the story of Buzz Lightyear but rather the story of the pilot who inspired the creation of the doll. This is a test pilot who, due to a series of events, ends up becoming a benchmark. It does so to the point of becoming part of the Universe Protection Unit that is part of the Space Ranger corps.

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In addition to having the voice of actor Chris Evans, one of the most important artists in the history of music is also taken into account, David Bowie. The trailer for Lightyear counts, as part of the soundtrack, with Starman. This subject is one of the most representative of Bowie and was released in 1972. To these aspects, seen what has been seen, the tone that the film will have is added. Apparently a lot of Buzz’s behaviors will resonate with this production.

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Makes sense, considering the connection. But by relying on the behaviors and attitudes of the doll, the possibility of creating a clear reference is even more powerful. A click is made between so many generations influenced by Toy story and others who get to see Lightyear. At the moment, the premiere of the film is expected to take place on June 17, 2022.