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MHAV: Kochi is finally an official hero

MHAV: Kochi is finally an official hero

When My Hero Academia: Vigilantes was published several years ago, we were introduced to Koichi Haimawari, our protagonist, who began his journey as a vigilante, a citizen who illegally committed heroic acts. Now, with only one more episode of this manga on the horizon, We have finally seen The Crawler in a way that not many thought, as a legal hero.

After the events of the last arc, Koichi joined Captain Celebrity’s hero agency in America. While chapter 125 of the manga focused mainly on the secondary characters, the last few pages of this episode show us our hero, now known as The Skycrawler, In New York working like a hero legallythus fulfilling his lifelong dream.


Being an official hero, this means the All Might hoodies have been officially retired. Instead, The Skycrawler’s suit features a series of metal plates to help him defend himself in combat, as well as some fairly comfortable tennis shoes that aid in the mobility of his Quirk.

Considering that the next chapter will be the last of the manga, we will surely get a better look at Koichi’s suit, as well as his performance now that he is an official hero of the United States. On related topics, it seems that My Hero Academia has a link to Dragon Ball. Similarly, the anime will receive two specials in the future.


Editor’s note:

I can’t believe Koichi is finally an official hero. Although the last arc felt somewhat long with a clumsy pace, the spin-off manga had quite a few high points, and seeing our protagonist in his costume is one of these.

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