If in this new course you have proposed to eat healthier by recovering homemade food, we leave it to our weekly diet a menu with light and perfect recipes to take in the tupperware. In this way, even if work prevents you from eating at home, you can improve the quality of your diet.

Weekly menu with light recipes to take away from tupperware

Making dishes at home is always beneficial if we want to lose weight or eat healthier, since food prepared outside the home is more caloric and less nutritious than what we can create with our own hands.

Thus, using healthy cooking methods and mostly fresh and seasonal ingredients we can achieve a light and nutritious menu to solve the usual meals.

If work prevents us from eating at home, we recommend cooking and freezing or creating the day before preparations that we can perfectly transfer in a suitable container.

We will consider whether we have a place to store our food, as well as whether the plate should be heated and we have the resources to do so.

In the weekly diet This time we leave a variety of recipes included that are perfect Take away from tupperware and eat healthier as well as light in this new course:






21 recipes based on vegetables, perfect to freeze or take in the tupperware in the new course


As we always say we recommend customize the menu to get more out of it and for this, it may be necessary to modify recipes as well as portions according to the particularities of each consumer or household.

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The mere fact of recovering homemade food in our usual diet by making a tupperware every day, we can lose weight or greatly benefit health and fitness. weekly diet this time you can help to achieve it.

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