Undoubtedly motivated by the US veto, Huawei has worked hard so that its users find all possible options and alternatives. We must banish myths, and make it clear, that Huawei phones can count on the most important apps and all that we need. What options do Huawei mobiles offer to download apps?

Methods to download apps on Huawei

We explain all the options that there are in a simple way to get access to the apps we need on our mobile. Options available to any user who does not want to complicate at all.

Google play

The Google application bazaar is still fully accessible to Huawei mobiles that came with Google apps and its services despite the fact that many users think otherwise. We have seen how some Huawei terminals launched after the veto have continued to enjoy Google Services, facilitating the possibility of enjoying Google Play thanks to the fact that the terminal was certified before the big problem.

This makes the classic Google store fully accessible for those who enjoy GMS. However, the rest of the alternatives are also designed for these mobiles with Google and especially for those who do not enjoy Gmail or YouTube among other apps.

App Gallery

Huawei knew that it had to do something to stand up to the Android store and even the iOS store and luckily it already had the development of the App Gallery started. After the veto, the Huawei firm fully launched to improve the App Gallery to make it more interesting than ever. The company has managed to attract hundreds of developers and to move apps from Android to its store to make it possible to download the main apps easily.

Huawei AppGallery

This app comes pre-installed on all Huawei phones, and if not, you can downloaded from its official website. In addition, it is compatible with other mobiles, so it is becoming a “sweetie” in Google’s shoe, which grows day by day and from which we can download hundreds of thousands of apps on Huawei so as not to miss the big Google Play so much.

Petal Search

It is Huawei’s latest ingenuity so that users can find any app without depending on Google. A search engine (formerly known as Huawei Search) that can find any app, doing an intelligent search enters the “apks” of the most known and reliable repositories such as APKPure, Aptoide, APKMonk or APKMirror but saving us intermediate steps.

petal search

The function is available in the latest devices of the firm with EMUI 10, EMUI 11 and onwards, although we can also download it easily from the App Gallery. Within the app we will see a search engine in which, for example, we can write WhatsApp or Facebook and results will be shown to download the app instantly.

The classic options

We can also make use of external methods to get any app on our Huawei mobile. These methods go through taking a look at the classic online repositories, such as those mentioned above.


It is as simple as entering each website and looking for the app we want, we can do it from our mobile since they are all adapted to your browsing. The main options are Aptoide, Malavida or the Amazon App Store.

How to install Google apps on Huawei

We have already been able to discover that getting hold of applications is very simple on Huawei phones, although nevertheless among the entire repertoire of options we will not find easy access to Google applications. The veto prevents Huawei from being able to offer them to us in a simple way and to get them we will have to engineer them. This will occur with YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps or Google Drive among others, but as we will see there are methods available.

In this case what we need to be able to get hold of Google applications come first to get the company’s services. Without these, we will not be able to get the apps of the American giant to work on our Huawei smartphone. A process that is complicated, but that we can complete without problem if we follow this process.

huawei google problems

The most recommended option to achieve this is Googlefier, which first forces us to download the version to EMUI 10. We will start by knowing the number of the software base version on our smartphone, writing the code * # * # in the phone app. 2846579 # * # *, to dial and access options 2> 1 and then write down the number that appears in “Base Software Version” which we will need later.

From the next web We are going to look for the model number that we have written down, to locate the ROM with EMUI 10, noting that it is Full OTA. Also, we need the program Official HiSuite and a HiSutie.Proxy on your computer to download the version.

When starting Hi Suite Proxy we have to choose the file downloaded with the ROM from “filelist”, marking the tick in the Point Version option next to it. Once the process is started and completed, we open the official HiSuite program, connect the mobile using the USB cable and in a few seconds when we give it all the permissions we can “update” it backwards.

When we have it in EMUI 10 we just have to install Googlfier and follow the steps that this app guides us. So after a few lied when we have linked our email account and they have joined the necessary backups, we can enjoy our mobile with Google Play to get any app in the store.