‘Diablo Immortal’ is a gold mine for Activision Blizzard

‘Diablo Immortal’ is a gold mine for Activision Blizzard

Devil Immortal has proven to be a gold mine for Blizzard during its first month in app stores. Despite the fact that thousands of fans of the saga expressed their rejection of microtransactions, the mobile game income about 50 million dollars to the coffers of ActivisionBlizzard. This not only confirms that the commitment to the free to play worked, but it opens the door to implement something similar in devil 4.

According to figures from AppMagic, Devil Immortal it generated $49 million during its first 30 days. The data, collected by mobilegamer.biz reveal that the first week was crucial for the game, since it registered 6.85 million downloads and 11.9 million dollars in earnings. It is worth mentioning that these numbers are free of the 30% tax paid to Apple and Google, so it is the money that went directly into the account of Bobby Kotick and company.

AppMagic data indicates that after a month on the market, Devil Immortal it exceeded 10.3 million downloads and earned 49 million dollars. The above places the mobile version as one of Activision Blizzard’s most successful releases.

Contrary to the rest of the games in the franchise, Devil Immortal it’s a game free to play which can be downloaded for free for mobile and PC. Though Devil II Y Devil III lead in copies sold, Earnings from the latest title could skyrocket in the coming months. This would put the most recent game in an advantageous position, although it will all depend on the balance of gameplay and Blizzard’s content strategy.

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Devil Immortal is a money making machine thanks to its abusive mechanics

Devil Immortal — which could well be called immoral devil — has all the necessary components to please a fan during the first hours. The problem comes around level 30, when the character progression doesn’t match the difficulty and it becomes necessary to open the wallet. Players can purchase Elder Rifts, a series of dungeons that offer random rewards, including legendary gems to improve your character.

Due to the randomness, a user could spend between $2,450 and $25,530 for a legendary gem 5/5 stars. A Reddit user took on the task of analyze the amount of money needed to get all the gems and the result is absurd.

“Are needed over $540,000 to max out your character of Devil Immortalnot 100,000,” he said. ShiftYourCarcass. “Initially, the figure was thought to be around $100,000 due to the cost of 6 5/5 star legendary gems,” he mentioned.

The problem is that these gems have a hidden mechanicso 6 gems are not required, but 36.

In addition to that, it is required to buy an extra item to “awaken the power of legendary items” that costs 30 dollars. In short, maxing out a character from Devil Immortal would cost more than buying a McLaren 720S and an Italian villa.

Despite the criticism, Devil Immortal will continue to bring money into the coffers of Activision Blizzard. The target audience is used to and rarely complains about the abusive mechanics.