Creator of Elden Ring does not understand why it is played more

Creator of Elden Ring does not understand why it is played more

From the month of February Elden Ring arrived to captivate all the players in the world, this is due to the mixture of elements used by FromSoftware and a fairly extensive open area. This has led the game to sell many copies, and that has made the creator of the saga wonder, Hidetaka Miyazakiwhy this did not happen with Dark Souls.

In a recent interview with the medium known as 4 Gamer He was asked about this video game, and why he thinks it became a great success in terms of reviews and sales. Given this, he commented that he has no idea, if perhaps it is due to the participation of the creator of game of Thronesor maybe it was the move to an open world with a lot to explore.

This is his statement:

As a member of the production team, I am very grateful.

But why did this happen this time? To be honest, I really don’t understand that. I think there are some factors, like the collaboration with George RR Martin and improving the sense of scale by adopting an open field, but I haven’t been able to analyze them clearly yet.

It is worth noting that this time bandai namco He wanted to throw the house out the window by giving it a lot of possibility compared to other video games in the franchise. Well, although sekiro had a good distribution, it could be that Activision he didn’t try hard enough. Even to build on this success, it was reported not long ago that the Next title of the study is already being worked on.

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Remember that Elden Ring Is available in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

Via: 4 Gamer