Coca-Cola shows us why it is part of Mexican families

Coca-Cola shows us why it is part of Mexican families

Currently there are endless leading brands in the beverage market, where one in particular has managed to stand out for its wide presence in the minds of consumers and in Mexican palates, Coca-Cola.

According to Statista on the distribution of soft drink sales in Mexico during the first quarter of 2021 by brand, Coca-Cola proclaimed itself the undisputed leader by monopolizing 64.8 percent of the market with its flagship product and the remaining 8 percent with its other sugar-free and diet versions, but how have you managed it?

It would be worth contemplating all those successes in terms of marketing, branding, logistics, quality, communication, design and product presentations (among other elements) that have transformed the brand over time and that would not finish being named in a page; however, and despite its strengths in the sector, one thing is clear: this would not be possible without the help of Mexican households.

Coca-Cola, of all sizes and varied presentations, has become characteristic in the daily consumption of Mexican families, where this drink cannot be missing from their table for breakfast, lunch or dinner, as well as in special events, since its flavor has been the main and unforgettable element to win the fidelity of the market.

Coca-Cola shows us why it is part of Mexican families

Bearing in mind that Coca-Cola owes itself to its customers, the brand has chosen to continue spreading smiles and support to mexican familiesit isyouin turn by delivering 350 home appliance kits that consist of microwave, battery, blender, toaster, mixer and more, a fact that was well received by its deserving winners who thanked the support of the brand that is always on their tables.

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This through collaboration of a radio stationvisiting different points of the CDMX so that families from Chilanga could win the home appliance kit and prepare food to be able to continue enjoying their meals with its Coca-Cola, to compete a simple request was made, bring 2 Cokes three liter to be able to participate in a dynamic in which they could win the kit.

Among the winners was Francisco, who showed a little about his approach to the brand on this occasion: “My mother-in-law, my father-in-law, my girlfriend, everyone takesmos Coca-Cola, we practically always have one in our home, mainly the family-size Coca-Cola. The truth is I think this soda is at 100 percent of my family events, partly because of its price and great taste. With the kit I just won, I’m going to get my gadgets out of where I have them and I’m going to put these new ones in.” Likewise, Javier, another winner, mentions that “Coca-Cola has been to the main events where my family gathers, at my grandchildren’s baptism, nephews’ birthdays, my 25-year anniversary and in everyday food”.

Jorge, winner of the Coca-Cola kit: “Since I can remember I have been drinking Coca-Cola at all meals.

Coca-Cola shows us why it is part of Mexican families

Just like Francisco, Javier and their families, many other Mexican households have been grateful for this Coca-Cola activation with which they chose to give back to their most loyal consumers a little bit of gratitude for having the brand present during their daily lives and unforgettable moments, waiting for the brand to continue being part of that family that is not blood but is with you over time.