Although the season finale of Loki remains the main topic of conversation around the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the expectation for Spider-Man: No Way Home it has not diminished in the least. In fact, the aforementioned series of Disney Plus It could be another clue that the multiverse will be a fundamental piece of the third arachnid film. But beyond the possible appearance of other Spider-Man, another matter of great interest is related to the new suit that Tom Holland will wear.

A few days ago we shared the first images of what, apparently, will be the primary outfit that we will see in Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, it seems that it will not be the only novelty in terms of clothing. Hot Toys, the popular collectible figure firm, unveiled another proposal that we will surely see in the feature film. It is neither more nor less than a elegant black suit with gold details.

This is the first time we see this outfit from Spider-Man: No Way Home. Apart from the colors, which obviously try to convey a theme of magic and sorcery, others also stand out. elements that relate directly to Doctor Strange. First, an emblem similar to that of the sorcerer appears on the chest, although adapted to the spider webs of the arachnid superhero. Of course, everything indicates that this “album” is only shown on certain occasions.

Spider-Man’s webs also include magic discs. The cobweb thrower, meanwhile, boasts a completely new design in gold. Does it remind you of a particular object? Yes, their lines are very similar to the Eye of Agamotto by Doctor Strange. At this point there is no longer any doubt that the character of Benedict Cumberbatch will have some kind of interference in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The leaked Lego set confirmed it.

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The suit that Funko let us see a few days ago, more attached to the colors red and blue, also exposes the discs on the chest and in the cobwebs. We don’t know exactly what its function is, but possibly we’ll see Peter Parker using some spells of his new “mentor” to interact with the multiverse. The premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home is scheduled for the next December 17, and it will be until that day when we will stop speculating.

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