an easter egg gives you a comic in each episode

an easter egg gives you a comic in each episode

Marvel and Disney often generate different types of conversations in relation to their content. The quality of adaptation. The verisimilitude in the representation of one or another character. The State of the Cinematic Universe. These are some of the discussions, to which from moon knight adds another curious aspect: the company give away a comic after each chapter to attentive viewers.

Just as it reads. Marvel and Disney have devised a mechanism so that those who watch moon knight have the opportunity to download free a comic about the character. The strategy used is to leave some QR code in each episode so that viewers can access a website dedicated to the character, with a different story every week.

These QR codes have been seen during two specific times. The first chapter, entitled “The Goldfish Problem”, offered a free first comic during a scene in which Steve Grant it is in the museum and, at the bottom of the painting, near an information sign, is the code. The other QR shown was discovered in “Lost My Temper”, the second chapter, in a more explicit way. Marc Spector goes to open a warehouse and the frame shows the image explicitly. These comics are related to the events that are being adapted into the story.

Here you can see part of the platform that Marvel has been adapted for these cases.

moon knight and his arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

moon knight It is the first character about which they adapt a story without having introduced the character in any of the Marvel movies and series. He is a superhero, at times an antihero, who moves in dark areas and has a peculiarity. Steven Grant, played by Oscar Isaac, suffers from dissociative personality disorder.

What does this disorder imply? The individual unfolds into different personalities. A complex condition and that explains why, within the comics, he is referred to as Marc Spector, for example, among other options that occupy the mantle of the Moon Knight. This makes the bet of Marvel and Disney one of the most interesting in relation to the depth of the story. He is a complex character, who serves as a means to invite reflection on mental health.

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The series will have a total of six episodes, broadcast through Disney Plus, and, of course, it is suspected that the character will be progressively incorporated into other better-known stories within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the meantime, viewers have already been warned: in each chapter there is a hidden comic about moon knight free.

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