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All the mistakes not to make in your diet after Christmas if you are looking to lose weight

All the mistakes not to make in your diet after Christmas if you are looking to lose weight

After Christmas, many people who have made these dates an excuse to eat as they wanted, one of their priorities will be to lose the kilos they have gained. How? Easy, now the smoke vendors will advertise miracle diets (such as the famous detox) so that people who want to lose accumulated body fat spend their money thinking that they will regain their body composition as easily and quickly as they lost it.

Other people will eat very little thinking that it is the most efficient way to get back to how they were, and others will go to the gym 2 or 3 hours a day, doing cardio or pounding on the irons lifting weights that go beyond their limits, facilitating injuries and favoring the delay of the return to their body composition. Therefore, how should we deal with the return to our previous fat content?

Do not eat little

One of the main mistakes when these types of parties are over, is to make an aggressive deficit in order to lose the kilos that we have gained as soon as possible (although not everything is fat). The best thing is to make a moderate deficit including the foods that we like the most so that there is adherence.

To do this, the first thing is to know how many kcal we are currently spending, and from there, subtract between 200-400 kcal so that we maintain an energy deficit that allows us to use fat reserves as an energy source. It is useless to stay in a deficit of 1000 or more kcal since it is neither healthy nor can we extend it more than a week without going crazy. Therefore, a deficit like the one I talked about before would be fine.

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Don’t eat smoothies

This is another mistake that people often make, diets with surnames (pineapple diet, broccoli diet …) or diets based on shakes thinking that it will purify us.

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This is not so at all, those who are in charge of “purifying” us are our kidneys and liver, so doing this type of diet for that purpose is nonsense.

Performing this diet based on shakes, not only does not serve to purify us, but it can also cause damage to our health because most of the ingredients are of very low quality and loaded with sugar.

Why do they work then? Because simply, even if the ingredients are bad, they generate a caloric deficit.

Another drawback is its low satiating capacity, so, although we can eat like this for a few days, it is not possible to do it continuously without having a chronic anxiety about food.

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Don’t cut your carbs to zero

If you are a person who wants to do sports or who, on the contrary, is already doing it, lowering carbohydrates a day a lot can be problematic because when it comes to training, we are going to feel very tired and unwilling.

This is a problem because, if it is normal to start playing sports, imagine if we have to do it if we feel tired. In addition, we will not be able to perform well, so we will spend less kcal while exercising, making it difficult to lose fat and increasing the risk of injury.

Do not remove fruits from your diet

One of the fears that people often have is the sugar in fruits. A food is made up of more than just one of its nutrients. In this case, the fruit is also water, fiber, micronutrients, phytonutrients, etc.

In addition, thanks to its high content of nutrients, they will allow us to recover before training and to be able to train more times a week or apply greater intensity to these (although all with a head).


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