The civil organization Sí por México, an opponent of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced that it will not participate in the process to process the mandate revocation consultation and is now demanding that the president finish his six-year term “without haggling.”

In addition to this, he called on the PRI, PAN and PRD, parties grouped in the Going for Mexico coalition, to promote unconstitutional actions against the Mandate Revocation Law, which entered into force today.

According to the position of said organization, headed by businessman Claudio X. González, the exercise would serve as a distortion of the Constitution by proposing to Mexicans the presidential ratification that would only benefit President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“By making the inclusion in the text, the Federal Mandate Revocation Law distorts the meaning of the free exercise of citizen participation by becoming a satisfaction to the presidential desire to receive public applause,” said Sí Por México.

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Similarly, he warned that a consultation with these characteristics would only increase polarization and encourage a state of tension among Mexicans, unnecessary in these times.

He also criticized the budget that such a public consultation would need, considering that Mexico faces an extraordinary situation due to the shortage of medicines, vaccines and other matters, such as education and security.

In order for the mandate revocation consultation to take place, the National Electoral Institute (INE) asked the Chamber of Deputies for a budget of 3.8 billion pesos.

For these reasons, Sí por México announced that it will not participate in the democratic process to collect signatures, but said that it will continue to raise its disagreements through civilian channels.

“Instead of wearing out in an inappropriate and unnecessary election, we call on all the women and men of this country to demand that the president fulfill his mandate without haggling,” he said. Do you

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