The rumors have finally come true. Microsoft has introduced Windows 365, a full version of your operating system cloud-based. This solution, they explain, will be able to run in any web browser, so it will work on the Mac and iPad. At the moment it will be available only for business users, but it is expected that they will expand its availability in the future.

Microsoft has been betting on a strong paradigm shift for a long time. Those in Redmond already have successful cloud services like Azure and xCloud. Now they are bringing their operating system within everyone’s reach, breaking down the barriers of specific local hardware. Windows 365 will allow you to configure a “Custom cloud PC“This one, for the moment, will be able to count on up to 512 GB of storage and 16 GB of RAM.

Microsoft ensures that Windows 365 will offer an “instant boot experience” with full Windows applications. In this way they intend to face the “new world of work” scenarios with a solution that combines “the power, security and versatility of the PC”, but in the cloud.

Work from anywhere and on Windows 365 device

Credit: Microsoft

The idea is that users can find a complete Windows working environment in any browser. This will allow them to continue working without fear of changing devices. And it will work both Android tablets and on desktop computers and laptops that already run Windows, as well as on devices from Apple like Mac and iPad.

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As expected, Windows 365 has been built on Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop platform. It has a wide variety of tools for corporate IT administrators. For example, all the PCs associated with a company can be managed from an administration panel.

Windows 365 users, meanwhile, will also have tools that seek to ensure their security. For example, the Zero Trust architecture and the requirement to log in with multi-factor authentication. In addition, all data will be encrypted, that is, both those stored and those that circulate on the network.

Microsoft says in the official website of the product that will launch Windows 365 on August 2 for companies, regardless of their size. In principle, the system will be Windows 10 in the cloud and, later, it can be upgraded to Windows 11. Although there is no official confinement, the operating system in the cloud is expected to reach all users.

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