Since Microsoft officially launched Windows 11We’ve talked a lot about the most important features of the operating system. The software incorporates a very important aesthetic reform, allows you to run Android applications and promises an interesting integration with Xbox Game Pass, among other features. But it also comes with news in the keyboard shortcut section.

Windows 11 incorporates new key combinations to access specific functions, and also reform some that already existed in previous versions of the operating system. It is worth noting that the Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts still work in the new software, but with some important additions to consider.

Knowing how certain options are accessed using only the keyboard is always very useful. Not only because it saves time on clicks and navigation, but also because it creates a good habit with a view to improving our productivity.

The keyboard shortcuts that are renewed with Windows 11

  • Windows + N: With this keyboard shortcut the new Windows 11 notification center is displayed. It is made up of two panels that are displayed on the right edge of the screen; the top one shows the notifications themselves, while the bottom one shows the calendar of the month.
  • Windows + W: In this case, the new Widgets panel of the operating system is accessed directly. Although the icon appears by default in the new taskbar, it has a combination of keys for quick access. It is worth clarifying that it is not a 100% new keyboard shortcut, but it is focused on a different use. In Windows 10, this same sequence launches Whiteboard, Microsoft’s whiteboard application, and the screenshot tool.
  • Windows + A: This is not a completely new keyboard shortcut either, but it is another example of how functions change between versions of the software. In Windows 11 this combination shows the quick settings panel to activate or deactivate Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Dark Mode, Location and Battery Saver, among others. It also lets you turn the volume up or down and reveals the playback controls when listening to music or watching videos on Microsoft Edge. In Windows 10 it fulfills a similar function, but the difference is that the shortcuts and the notification center are unified.
  • Windows + Z: By using this keyboard shortcut, Windows 11 displays the panel with the various layouts to do snapping with a window. This way, you don’t have to hover over the maximize button to see the available options. You can also combine the Windows key with the arrows (up, down, left and right) to rearrange the window of a program or folder in different places on the screen, as in Windows 10.
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The new 3D emojis also have their shortcut

Image: The Verge

In the last hours, Microsoft confirmed that it will change its flat emojis for a new set designed in 3D for Windows 11. One of the novelties in this regard is Clippy’s comeback, the infamous Office 97 assistant, although not in its original function but as a simple smiley.

Remember that the emoji panel is also accessible with a keyboard shortcut: pressing Windows and the period key. This feature is already available in Windows 10, but in the case of the new system it includes a search box to facilitate access to the icons.

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