WhatsApp now have the option to activate temporary messages

WhatsApp now have the option to activate temporary messages

When we start a conversation in the application, it is automatically archived. To delete all the chat it is necessary to go to the conversation, enter the configuration and select the option to empty the chat; You can also delete default messages by selecting them and choosing the delete option.

The difference with the new feature is that when this feature is enabled, all new individual chats that you or someone else create will be set to disappear after the duration of your choice.

The tool is also available for group conversations. The new feature is optional and does not change or delete any of your chats.

New durations were also added for temporary messages: 24 hours and 90 days, in addition to the seven-day option that already existed.

Those who choose to enable the default temporary messages will see a message in their chats informing participants that this is the selected setting.

“We believe that temporary messages and end-to-end encryption are two crucial functions that nowadays cannot be lacking in any private messaging service and that, increasingly, allow us to converse as if we were in person,” he said. WhatsApp.