What is it and how to get a pension of 50,000 pesos

What is it and how to get a pension of 50,000 pesos

For example, a 60-year-old person who has already been discharged by his employer, with 750 weeks of contributions in force, can pay, for the last 5 years before his retirement, an investment of about 400,000 pesos, under said modality. With this, she would obtain a monthly pension of approximately 14,400 pesos.

The pension depends on the number of weeks contributed and the salary with which a person contributes in the last 5 years of their working life. In modality 40, a person can register with the IMSS, even if they no longer have a current employment relationship, with a salary of up to 68,111 pesos (25 UMAS).

This means that, once registered, the worker must make the corresponding contributions equivalent to 10.075% of that salary. In this example, the amount that the worker must disburse under the concept of contributions to the IMSS is 6,862.18 pesos per month, approximately, during the last years of working life .

It is important to mention that in order to be able to retire under the 40 modality, the worker must have contributed at least 52 weeks of work in the last five years.

If you meet all these aspects, the person who registered in modality 40 must choose, at the time of requesting his pension, to do so under the 1973 Law. If you do not know how many weeks you have contributed, on this IMSS site you can meet him .