The catalog of connected devices that Vodafone sells last year welcomed Curve, a GPS tracker with v-SIM from 2 euros per month. What distinguished this product from others like the V-Multi Tracker is that Curve was the first device in its IoT line to be designed by the operator.

Now, Vodafone has just announced the Curve Pet Tracker Clip, an accessory that allows use the Curve smart GPS locator with our pets. In addition, the operator has taken the opportunity to include in the app two specific functionalities for use with dogs and cats.

A strap clip and an improved app

Curve Pet Tracker clip is an accessory that easily attaches to the Curve smart GPS tracker and allows you to place it comfortably and safely on the pet’s collar or harness. In this way, and thanks to the four Curve location technologies (GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and mobile connectivity), it is easier to locate pets through the Vodafone Smart App.

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The clip includes different sizes to fit the strap or harness, weighs 10.7 grams and has the resistance certification IP67, same as Curve, so it can withstand immersion in fresh water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. Also, let’s remember that this locator promises up to 7 days of autonomy, so it is enough to recharge the battery once a week.

Along with the launch of Curve Pet Tracker clip, Vodafone has incorporated the application two new features specific for pets at no additional cost:

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  • Pet Walks: records the last rides, the distance traveled and the time spent.

  • Pet Profiles– Saves important information about the pet, such as its breed, characteristics, weight, and even its photos.

Curve Pet Tracker Price and Availability

Vodafone Curve Pet 03

The Curve Pet Tracker Clip accessory is available today at a price of 9.90 euros in Vodafone stores and in the My Vodafone app.

In addition, Vodafone sells a special pack in its online store that consists of the Curve device and the Curve Pet Tracker accessory clip to a promoted price of 30 euros (instead of 49.90 euros). To this must be added the fee of 2 euros per month that the monthly subscription to Vodafone Smart SIM costs to have mobile connectivity in Curve.

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