Video calls come to your car

Video calls come to your car

“We must rewrite the way business is done, including a different way of looking at applications, business security, the benefits of remote work and infrastructure transformation,” Robbins said at his conference. opening Cisco Live.

Among the applications that impact the cities of the world and the region, is Nexus Cloud, a tool to manage and provide end-to-end visibility to connection networks.

“Nexus Cloud will provide real-time visibility into energy usage, driving insights and actions that help customers achieve their sustainability goals. With data centers generating more than 1% of our global greenhouse gas emissions, we are focusing our efforts on how our technology portfolio can help operate and manage our carbon footprint,” said Todd Nightingale, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Enterprise Networking & Cloud.

This type of application will be able to help companies to monitor the presence of their collaborators within their offices, which will provide security when they attend and coexist within work spaces. It allows reviewing the monitoring of indoor air quality, the number of people in a room and the energy use that is taking place.

The platform is an as-a-service cloud product, coming in fall 2022.

Video calls in your car

Another of the announcements made by the infrastructure company was the possibility of having video calls in cars.

“You have an early Webex meeting from home, but you need to get on your way to the office. We have now simplified the transition as you dial from your iPhone and drop it from your Mac. With Move to Mobile, integrated into Webex Meetings, now you just need to scan a QR code to move the call to your phone and then to your car”, boasted Jeetu Patel, general manager of security and business development at Cisco.

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Now with Apple CarPlay you can have this call option, however there is no news about expanding this tool for Android.

In a demonstration made inside the exhibition floor of the event, it can be seen that a car can integrate a screen to transmit video calls, which is why Cisco is also looking to push alliances with automotive companies.

“The automotive industry is undergoing a massive digital transformation. We have the potential to help our customers embrace technology and fundamentally change the driving experience,” said Robbins, who said they are already working with customers like Ford to achieve greater connectivity.

According to McKinsey, by 2025 the world’s top 600 leading cities will generate more than 60% of global growth, stimulating economic development, employment and investment opportunities. But in Mexico and Latin America there are still challenges to work on, such as a greater connection in networks within the countries, as well as a greater focus on the use of technology within sectors such as public transport.