very easy and customizable healthy breakfast recipe

very easy and customizable healthy breakfast recipe

The overnight oats It is a different way of preparing oatmeal. Instead of cooking it in a saucepan over the fire, it is left rest overnight in the fridge allowing the oatmeal and seeds to hydrate. And so, have a breakfast the next day delicious and ready to eat.

What is particular about this recipe is that you can play with the flavors and toppings to always have a different flavor. It is a matter of personal taste and experimentation.

One of my favorite combinations is with cinnamon and turmericfor a breakfast rich in antioxidants, fibers and minerals. If you prefer to have this hot oatmeal for breakfast, choose to pour the mixture into a saucepan over low heat for 5 minutes until it is hot.

In a bowl or cup, add the oatmealthe chia seedsthe cinnamon and turmeric. Mix the ingredients to integrate flavors.

Add the milk or vegetable drink and stir for a few minutes until everything is well unified.

Put in the fridge overnight.

The next day, remove from the cold and enjoy with fresh or frozen fruit.



With what to accompany overnight oats

The toppings They allow us to add an extra layer of flavor and nutrients to overnight oats. Fruits, and especially red fruits, go very well with oatmeal, whether fresh or in jam. If you prefer crunchy textures, a homemade granola is ideal for an extra dose of healthy fats.

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