Leaving this point aside, the truth is that as we said, smartphones can fulfill many functions, such as using it to monitor our baby at any time and from any point. And it is not only a feeling of protection, but it becomes a basic need to be calm. For this reason, we will explain how control your child by video surveillance 24 hours a day and the key points that you should keep in mind when using your smartphone as a video surveillance camera.

Why use a baby surveillance camera

We may have in our possession an old mobile that we no longer use. However, despite the fact that it would be ideal not to have to spend a single euro to buy a video surveillance camera that we can access with our terminal, we will not be able to get to use a mobile device to turn it into an IP camera of first.

Basically because neither Android nor iOS have native tools among their functionalities to be able to use a smartphone for these purposes. So we will have to get to download a third-party app in the application store to which we have access thanks to our operating system or the customization layer.

Also, if you want to get to put every night a mobile to record your baby, you must bear in mind that the video option will consume a large percentage of battery. So it will be necessary for you to have a plug on hand to connect it to the power throughout the night. And we must not forget that if we make use of this functionality continuously and leave it charging every time we want to record our child and then review the video, we will make the battery suffer more than necessary.

Thus, we recommend two options, the first will be to make use of an old mobile that you do not use daily, and the second will be to buy a surveillance camera that you can later pair with your smartphone. For this reason, we recommend this second option.

And it is that the use of video surveillance in a baby can occur for different reasons, either because our son does not stop still and we want to see what he does. Likewise, you have to know that the capture of images within your property is, according to the law, legal. However, you should know that the image rights of the people who appear in the video need their consent, so if you want to record their caretaker, you will need their consent.

Where to place it to improve visibility

The video surveillance camera that you are going to use to pair it with your smartphone must be placed in a place where you can reach control your baby without any hindrance in the middle. However, this will also depend on the quality you have and the range of vision you have.

surveillance camera

However, what we must always keep in mind is that, the higher we put it, the better it will be. the range of vision and, therefore, more will appear in the image capture.

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And not only will we always have to assess this issue, but we will also have to place it in a place where the baby can never touch it. In addition, we recommend that you install it in a corner place since it will also increase the range of vision it has. We also recommend that it have different functionalities such as the fact of the night function, so that you do not have to leave a light always on, or the fact that it has autofocus.

Use the camera from your mobile

In the gadget market for mobile devices we can find a wide variety of surveillance cameras for babies, such as this Xiaomi Mi 360 ° Camera. If we choose to buy this product, we will only have to access the following link, where we can buy it for 35.91 euros. And it is that, with this option, we will be able to have a 360 degree view horizontally and a vertical view of 108 degrees. So it will be ideal so that we do not have blind spots when capturing images.

We will also have AI human detection technology at our fingertips, as well as bidirectional calls. in real time. That is, we can use the Home visit function to make calls whenever we want. In this case, it would be ideal to try to reassure our son if we are not at home at that moment, and we have left him with a caregiver. In addition, it supports voice control with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Xiaomi baby surveillance camera

The installation of this product can be upright or upside down, and the best of all is that a swivel base comes pre-installed. So you can put it anywhere in the room to control the baby without any problem. Another strong point is that we will have night vision and it will support remote viewing to be accessible from up to three different devices simultaneously.

Therefore, in order to start using it, we only have to take three steps to get to adjust it properly and use it continuously from our mobile device.

The first thing we must do is download the application that specifies us among its characteristics. In this case it is Mi Home, which is compatible with Android mobiles with a version equal to or greater than 4.4 and terminals with iOS with a version equal to or greater than 9.0. Then, we only have to place it where we want, turn it on and start using it. If you want to check that everything is in order, access the previous app and connect to the surveillance camera.

However, the playback function of Mi Home Security Camera will only be available if we enter a compatible MicroSD card. After it is installed and turned on correctly, videos will be recorded automatically. Therefore, after entering the user interface of the Playback function, we will only have to slide the bar on the timeline to select the period of the recording that we want to see.