TV Azteca loses the transmission rights of Necaxa

TV Azteca loses the transmission rights of Necaxa

It has been confirmed that Aztec TV will no longer have transmission rights of ‘Los Rayos’ from Necaxa, This fact makes it difficult for the open television channel to compete against the Televisa, Fox Sports and ESPN. In addition, it was confirmed that the Necaxa lightning games will be, from this tournament, exclusive to the new streaming platform. Vix and the TUDN channel.

According to the most recent information and what was commented by Mikel Arriola, the sports rights of a Mexican soccer team are between 14 and 30 million dollars per year. To give an example, the transmissions of Santos Laguna would cost Fox Sports about 238 million pesos for an entire football year, since its transmission value is 14 million dollars, not to mention that the number of matches would increase by in the event that it reached the final instances of the tournament.

TV Azteca loses the transmission rights of Necaxa and users explode

Even yesterday, Liga MX presented the channels and platforms where Mexican soccer fans could watch their favorite teams.

Nevertheless, A few hours ago they announced that the match between Necaxa vs. Toluca would no longer be broadcast by TV Azteca and, as if that were not enough, Necaxa’s broadcasting rights as a local would become exclusive to TUDN.

This upset more than one fan, but it was the commentator’s reaction Christian Martinoli the one that went around in networks, because the also fan of ‘Los Diablos Rojos’ from Toluca was excited to narrate the first meeting of his team, facing the last tournament prior to the world cup. For now, Aztec TV would be left only with the transmission rights of Puebla.

Fans even noted that The link that led to the game in the TV Azteca app on Google now only leads to a section of the page which mentions that “it does not exist.”

We would have to wait for the official confirmation that both Chivas and Atlas
they could accompany the fringe on the Ajusco television station. For now, it seems that TV Azteca is losing the battle in this broadcast war, despite having one of the most recognized duos in the field of sports journalism.

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Christian Martinoli’s reaction

Faced with the news that TV Azteca is potentially saying goodbye to one of the important games on “Friday Botanero”, the most famous sports writer of the television network expressed his feelings through his Twitter account.

Given this reaction, the fans of the García-Martinoli dumbbell regretted the decision, as they continue to be recognized as one of the most important teams in the field. Likewise, They evidenced the problems that the big television stations are already experiencing, since the big events are choosing to move to streaming platforms, abandoning open television.

Without a doubt, this decision points to the presence of streaming platforms in the market, since it is not the first platform that will broadcast Liga MX matches, being Amazon Prime Video which, in conjunction with Fox Sportswill broadcast the games of teams such as Santos and León.

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