Trying To Fix ‘She-Hulk’ CGI, But It’s Still A Mess

Trying To Fix ‘She-Hulk’ CGI, But It’s Still A Mess

Earlier this month, Disney+ released the first official trailer for she hulk. Leaving aside the controversy of the female version of the popular Marvel hero, the new installment for the streaming channel of the house generated many conversations. And for something very specific: the CGI with which the new Marvel series had been built was an absolute disaster. Now, after a few weeks of analysis, Disney seems to have been working on improving the look of the new character. And though certainly she hulk looks somewhat better, the reality is that it reminds too much of the famous movies of Shrek.

Everything indicates that the plot of the series will be good. In fact, the tone of humor that the trailer points to may win over many of the Marvel fans. But it is also almost certain that more than one will suffer with some of the scenes in the series.

In any case, Disney has been working on improving its special effects. And from the company they point out that they will continue to improve the appearance of their new and green character. Until its premiere, scheduled for August 17, 2022, Marvel has time to listen to its biggest fans and amend the work with the special effects. The problem? It is a very complicated task. All in all, She-Hulk looks more detailed and realistic. She has lost that flat green that she scared so much from the first trailer for the Marvel series.

Marvel’s CGI a much bigger problem than She-Hulk

It is, in any case, one of the pending accounts of the new Marvel series on Disney +. Although the stories are always guaranteed to be entertaining, their special effects seem to suffer from the stress of putting out so many productions a year.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the great blockbuster of the year, presented some creatures – those that accompanied Scarlet Witch – that seemed half-made. Eternals also featured a character that was too reminiscent of ’80s video games. Loki Y Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings they suffered from the same problem, although not in as conspicuous a way as She-Hulk’s unreal green.

The reason? Several factors come together in this story. On the one hand, the pandemic has precipitated many of the titles that have had to be made faster and with fewer resources. On the other hand, the increase in the budget has not risen in proportion to the number of productions. With much more modest funds, the production has had to muddle through, especially as far as series are concerned. In this way, we will continue to see mediocre CGI results that, unfortunately, will take their toll in a few years. she hulk is the first on the list.