this is the outcome of the fight between Garou and Saitama

this is the outcome of the fight between Garou and Saitama


One of the most anticipated fights in the work of Yusuke Murata and One is the one between Saitama and Garou, the hero who has decided to become a monster to “destroy the society of heroes.” We know that our protagonist could beat him with a single blowbut it seems that this could end differently now that his antagonist has managed to defeat some of the most powerful monsters we’ve ever seen.

However, there was something stopping Garou from turning into a monster without a single trace of humanity, the memories of his past life as a human, the boy who placed his trust in him, those kinds of thoughts flooded his mind from time to time when he wanted to transform completely. For better or worse, this was what fueled his ultimate fate.

The chapter 162 of One-Punch Man sees Garou turn up the intensity as despite all of his powerful attacks, nothing seems to land on Saitama or hurt the hero in any significant way. The monster continues to wonder whether or not there may be other options to defeat Saitama, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that he won’t be able to beat the bald hero. That’s when Garou decides to die at Saitama’s hands, but Saitama rebukes him as they sit in a dilapidated house and decide to talk it all out and get to the heart of why Garou thinks he’s a monster.

But the strange thing about the end of this chapter is that there are mentions on social networks that Murata released a completely different version of this chapter for the public in Japan. Not only did he update how this fight played out, but it also ends in a completely different way. This chapter has yet to be officially released in English so, until then, it’s shaping up to be quite the wild ending to a long-awaited climax.

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The expected ending of Saitama and Garou in One-Punch Man

The newest chapters of One-Punch Man have been exploring the final climax of this saga, and the newest chapter in the series has set the stage for the surprising ending of the fight between Saitama and Garou. Now that we finally see the expected outcome between Saitama and Garou after a fight that has pushed them to their personal limits.

one punch man 162 saitama garou

As the fight between Saitama and Garou started, Saitama began to wonder why Garou seemed to behave like a villain even though a lot of his actions result in moves that help people in One-Punch Man. The fight continues to get more intense. in the newest chapter when Garou transforms into a more monstrous state than ever, but at the end of the newest chapter Saitama takes control as he plans to talk to Garou and get to the bottom why the villain is acting like he really is. However, with the reports that there is a different ending for the Japanese public, the question remains: “Which of the two will be the canon ending?” This may even be the point where the timeline breaks to have two different paths.

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