Perhaps much of what is related to power Rangers seem more typical of traditional television than of the streaming universe, crowned by Netflix. Those memories may be updated shortly, when the aforementioned firm premieres the series it plans with one of the most traditional franchises in the entertainment industry.

Although there is still no estimated release date, little by little more information about the project is being shared. The franchise of the power Rangers In recent years she had different productions that kept her in the presence of the followers, especially in the cinema; but its glory on the television plane belongs more to the nineties than to more current dates. That may be part of Netflix’s interest in this universe; Refresh a story that many years ago was key in the dynamics of pop consumption.

For now, there will be a kind of update of the universe of the power Rangers. This seems not only logical but necessary: ​​that television memory can be very far away. In between, both entertainment narratives and technology have mutated. What does this imply? The way television / streaming products are consumed and the expectations of viewers have also changed.

The ‘Power Rangers’ on Netflix

The platform will develop the project together with the Entertainment One company, which since 2020 belongs to Hasbro. This detail does not seem as significant as the following: Jonathan Entwistle, the creator of The End of the F *** ing World, will be part of the project. In fact, he has been one of the voices to become publicly involved in spreading the news. He did it through his Twitter profile:

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Hasbro’s owner has provided some details about the project. In statements given to Deadline, Michael Lombardo commented: “Since we treated the power Rangers With Jonathan, we launched a complete approach. It is not just a program. These are programs followed by movies and other productions for children ”.

Regarding Jonathan Entwistle’s work, Lombardo added: “We have found a great writing partner for him. Netflix is ​​excited, we are excited, we hope to hear soon”. During October 2020, Lombardo himself referred to the creative when the first lines of the project appeared:

“Jonathan has incredible creative vision for this hugely successful and iconic franchise. He is undoubtedly the right architect to join us as we reimagine the worlds of television and film at this property. “

Jonathan Entwistle also became involved in a project announced by Paramount. It is not yet clear if there will be a relationship between one and the other. The franchise of the power Rangers it began to be broadcast in 1993. It has been maintained since then, passing through different production houses. At present, Hasbros has developed the series Power Rangers Dino Fury (2021) and four years ago it was seen in the cinema power Rangers (Dean Israelite, 2017). It remains to wait how development evolves together with Netflix.