They present design of the first openly gay Spider-Man |

They present design of the first openly gay Spider-Man |

The month of LGBT pride has ended, and in this the most important entertainment companies offered all kinds of support, this with movies like Lightyear and all new content Xbox with the theme. For its part, Marvel did not want to be left behind with the celebration, so they already announced the first spider-man history gay.

This will come to the publications of the successful comic, Edge of Spider-Verseand who will be in charge of the adaptation will be the novelist and cartoon writer, Steve Foxe. For those who don’t know him, he has been leading projects like X-Men ’92: House of XCII, Rainbow Bridge, Archer & Armstrong Forever and some more that have been read by thousands of people.

Thus, the user known as Krisanka already made known to the world about its design. Here you can see it:

Web-Weaver my design for the new Spider, debuting in Edge of Spider-verse 5


The character will be named after Web Weaver, who is originally a fashion designer who obtained powers from this insect through the bite already known to all fans of the franchise. The publication for your entry in Edge of Spider-Verse will be next September 5that covers both the digital format and the classic physical one.

It is worth commenting that at no time is it directly mentioned that he is gay, but from the creators’ publications it was possible to notice the use that was given to the flag that represents the community. With the first step with this fairly popular hero, it is possible that the comics then house a new identity to other familiar characters.

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Via: Krisanka