Although the great selling point of the new model of the Nintendo switch is its seven-inch OLED screen, this console has a number of small improvements. Most of these, like their speakers and a dock to recharge, are outdoor. Nevertheless, We also found a couple of changes within this hardware.

Recently, iFixit took on the task of opening an OLED Switch, and found that Nintendo made a number of internal changes to the console. In this way, they have found redesigned circuit boards, downsized cooling, an improved Wi-Fi antenna and a storage no longer modular.

On the other hand, the SD card port, headphone jack and game card reader, which were previously on two separate boards, have been grouped together in one piece. According to iFixit, These changes were made to make the new console elements, like the horn and the rear support, were integrated without any problem.

Lastly, the larger 64GB storage drive in the new console switch is now part of the motherboard, so dreams of an expansion of this unit have been eliminated. On related topics, you can check out this week’s podcast, where we talked about the OLED Switch. In the same way, here we tell you five reasons why to take the leap, and five why not to opt for this model.


Editor’s Note:

These may not be the changes that many of us expected, since the chip and processor of the OLED Switch have not been substantially modified. However, this shows that Nintendo is willing to experiment with the internal components of the console, which could result in future improvements.

Via: iFixit

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They already opened the OLED Switch, and this is what it offers

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