When we talk about video games and their difficulty, the franchise of Dark souls it is one that is always involved in the subject. Sure, there are also games that are the same or even more difficult, but the works of FromSoftware they always tend to stand out for this section. Although according to the Japanese, there are two other titles more complicated than the Souls.

The Japanese portal known as Inside conducted a survey in which they asked their readers to answer which games they consider to be the most difficult. Obviously, in the results we have Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Dark SoulsHowever, there are more complex games than these.

Second we have Resident Evil 1, and I speak of the original for PlayStation. According to the Japanese, the title was too terrifying, plus the fixed cameras and low ammunition make it a frustrating experience to move forward.

Secondly, Undertale ranks first. And it is that according to the respondents, Undertale As such it is not a difficult game as long as you play it in a traditional way, but apparently, the genocidal route is truly frustrating for its users.


Editor’s note: Many will say that the games of Dark souls They are not difficult once you learn the pattern of behaviors and attacks of the enemies, but this process definitely requires a lot of patience and not everyone can handle it.

Via: Inside

These are the most difficult games according to the Japanese

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