The end of the first season of Loki opened the door to the most anticipated moment of Phase 4 of Marvel. Kang the Conqueror arrived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although he does not pronounce his name, and leaves the unknown of which of his variants it may be, the character played by Jonathan Majors opens a crack in history. One of considerable importance that leads the franchise to its most complex point. The war of the multiverses is here and it will unfold from all the films that are waiting to be released.

The end of the first season of Loki showed that what lies ahead is more than the discovery of alternative dimensions. It is also a door to the infinite possibilities that open with respect to each of the characters. The Mobius that does not recognize Loki and the TVA controlled by another incarnation of Kang sustains something more than a multiplicity of realities.

It is the look at what could happen with the expected spider-verse, which is confirmed almost directly. Or in the future Fantastic 4 movie, Kang’s traditional enemies in the comic. It wouldn’t just be a group of superheroes facing off against an older villain. Now, the battle is for the very substance of reality and for the concept of time.

The argument showed a careful series of details to delve into the scope of the war in the making. From an intro with the voices of all the main characters, to a look to the future. The series of Loki showed the rules that the multiverse will abide by. The realities could have identical appearances and coexist with each other. Which means that the season finale announces that the war will be for control of most of the multiverse.

With Wanda Maximoff exploring realities in search of her children, and the TVA not in control of the number of multiverses, the answer is clear. There will be a specific tour through all kinds of possibilities. And Kang will be the central point that will carry out the confrontation. Which of its versions? It remains to be seen.

On LokiMarvel Studios’ fickle villain Loki (Tom Hiddleston) reprises his role as the God of Deception in a new series that takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Kate Herron is directing it and Michael Waldron is the main screenwriter.

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Loki, infinity and the end of time

In one of the closing scenes of the first season of Loki, the mysterious presence beyond Alioth confirms fan theories. It draws an important parallel that had already been debated over the past week. At one point, Kang? Immortus? he narrates his story to Loki and Sylvie. And in the middle of the narrative, Alioth’s presence becomes more than a mere nod to a larger idea.

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As the character of Jonathan Majors confesses, Alioth is not just the “watchdog” of the void. Like in the comics, he has the power and ability to control time. So Kang makes it clear that he controls it for his benefit.

Suddenly, the TVA is not an agency with fascist overtones seeking to subject the universe to absolute control. It becomes a tool that avoids the condemnation of the known reality to succumb to a war that will end up creating chaos at unknown levels.

The war between the multiverses and the open door to the past

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The series brought up some unknown facts about Sylvie, which could be analyzed as how Marvel presents the multiverse. Standing in front of Kang’s fortress, she takes a breath before entering the building.

To Loki’s question of what is happening, she responds with a concise “I have tried this before your existence.” Again, with a phrase, the series establishes that the multiverse is not just a cluster of realities coexisting at the same time. It is also about different temporal strata. And it’s that little reveal that makes what’s ahead more complicated.

The question that future Marvel movies will have to answer points to how and when. And it will be the answers to both questions that will achieve a unity in the formulation of all future arguments.

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The last scene of Loki’s season finale shows TVA in chaos. The lines of the multiverse open up and unravel each other. Chaos spreads through reality and the table is set for the biggest show of Phase 4. Doctor Strange must face the versions of a villain with millennia of experience. And the rest of the characters to infinite possibilities.

As Kevin Feige announced, nothing will be the same after Loki. And this time, the phrase is much broader and more dangerous than might be supposed. The most beloved superheroes in cinema begin a battle on an unknown level.