the synergy between the metaverse and the real estate industry

the synergy between the metaverse and the real estate industry

An innovative alternative based on metareality

YUPIX It has been in charge of creating virtual spaces where they offer potential clients the possibility of experiencing what their new apartment would look like, or the future real estate project in which they are interested in investing. In the same way, they can test the configurations of a custom private jet before it is fully built.

The spaces that are part of a meta-reality are shown in great detail and this means that each user can interact perfectly with any type of project, no matter where they are.

In 2021, statistics showed that YUPIX achieved a conversion rate of more than 95%, due to the fact that almost all the people who participated in a tour of the first real estate project, E11EVEN Residences Miami, bought a unit. They also doubled the average speed of sales due to the implementation of this immersive sensory experience.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the firm collects details of user behavior in real time, analyzes and processes the comments, as well as the reactions they have during the YUPIX experience. They then have the ability to use that data to customize an asset based on buyers’ preferences; situation that many times can save time and money in construction.

If you want to know this new experience, Yupix will be in Mexico City from March 14 to 18 to present its customizable and immersive metaverse platform. reserve your place here