The Suburban to AIFA has delays and 64.8 million pesos in cost overruns, warns the ASF

The Suburban to AIFA has delays and 64.8 million pesos in cost overruns, warns the ASF

The problem “has caused to date delays of 120 days in the execution of works”, said the ASF. “This shows an inadequate planning of the work; studies, calculation reports, reports and projects were not authorized by the audited entity”.

The Audit also warned of the authorization of excess payments for 64.8 million pesos in the concepts of supply of sleepers and track materials.

The materials “were not located at the work siteeven though in the particular specifications and the scope of their unit prices they contemplate the supply, the transport, the unloading and its commissioning”, says the body’s report.

The analysis contemplates 211 concepts that included the execution of the works for a total spent of 346.1 million pesos during 2021, of which a sample of 41 concepts was selected for review for an amount of 298.5 million, 86.3% of the total spent in the public account under control as they are the most representative in amount and volume.

The expansion of the Suburban Train to the AIFA is projected to end in september 2023 with a budget of around 24,000 million pesos, with the objective of connecting Mexico City with the AIFA in an estimated 35 to 40 minutes, taking the Buenavista station as the starting point.

The importance of having a transportation system to AIFA is one of the biggest requests from the air sector, which sees in this area the greatest area of ​​opportunity to increase the volume of the airport.

“The new airport opened at the end of March this year. The government built a world-class airport, and it should be credited; however, it lacks public transportation infrastructure, which is urgently required to connect the city with the airport,” Peter Cerdá, vice president for the Americas of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), said recently.

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