Heading to hell, the Netflix series, is already one of the platform’s phenomena. The six-part horror series became the Most viewed program on the platform almost immediately. It also continues to have a solid critical score on Rotten Tomatoes, where it boasts a staggering 100% approval rating. All the excitement surrounding the story has only fueled the anticipation for a second season.

Yeon Sang Ho, director of the Netflix series, recently spoke about the possibilities of a return to the screen of the chilling tale. No there is a confirmation about its second season, but the director left that possibility open, although not as his followers had in mind. In a interview with Korean media, explained that there would be a new chapter of the chilling plot. “The author of the original webtoon, Choi Gyu Seok, and I have talked about the continuation of the story of Heading to hell in the form of a webtoon ”.

This is an unexpected twist on one of Netflix’s biggest hits of the season “We could launch the comics online in the second half of next year.” So even if there is no confirmation of new chapters, at least it is clear that the story will not remain unfinished.

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Netflix series Heading to hell It has a peculiar history behind. Before hitting the screen, he had two previous incarnations in two entirely different mediums. The first, an animated short film in two parts. The other, a Naver webtoon.

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The feature film titled The Hell (Two Kinds of Life) divided the story into two main segments, one premiered in 2003 and another in 2006. And while the story is much simpler and more specific than the show’s version, it captures the essentials. In both shorts you can see both the announcement of death given by an angel as the violent death of the one who receives it.

On the other hand, the webtoon of the same name can be found on the page Webtoon. The story is much like its serial version, although it explores the nuances about supernatural good and evil much more carefully.