The performance test usually asks users about the preferred features for talk about the perfect mobile, within the most important areas of every terminal. And the result is something like the perfect phone x-ray, at least for the third quarter of 2021, since as you know, these specifications can be very different from one quarter to another.

The ideal display

This is one of the key aspects of every phone, and in this aspect from the performance test they have obtained the characteristics of what would be the perfect screen configuration. When it comes to resolution, the Full HD is preferred by users, followed a long way by what we know as QHD or 2K. Interestingly, one of the most common resolutions, such as HD, is one of the least popular.

And if we focus on the screen size, there is a size preferred by users, this is the 6.6 inch, closely followed by 6.7 inches and 6.4 inches in that order. Another important aspect of the screen is the refresh rate, a category in which both the 60Hz rate and the 60Hz rate are practically equally popular. 120Hz, a rather contradictory data, the third resolution in contention is that of 90Hz. Surely many still choose those 60Hz to avoid higher power consumption.

perfect mobile

And performance?

In this section, the preferences of the users are also clear, which are not necessarily reflected in the market shares of processor sales. And is that despite the fact that MediaTek is already the manufacturer that sells more processors, users 61.8% prefer to have one from Qualcomm of the cases, for only 19.1% who prefer a MediaTek processor. So it seems that the choice of the latter manufacturer is rather conditioned by the price of the equipment.

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perfect mobile

Regarding the number of cores, the choice is already overwhelming in favor of the 8 cores, which 99.1% of users choose. About memory RAM, the preferred choice is 8GB, which seem to be already a standard compared to 6GB, which only have 16.6% support. The second preference in this sense is 12GB, with 26.6% of users who would prefer to have it. Internal storage is another highlight, and here the preferred capacity is 256GB, closely followed by 128GB.

perfect mobile

Third, and far from the previous two, are users who settle for 64GB of internal storage. AnTuTu It has not given any data about how many users have participated in this interesting survey, nor if you have Android or iOS mobile phones, and in which countries they live. However, they are data that seem quite consistent with what we understand today by a well-prepared mobile, but which does not have the most advanced specifications, perhaps the X-ray of the perfect mid-range mobile.