The Pentagon claims to have recorded hundreds of encounters

The Pentagon claims to have recorded hundreds of encounters

After committing to investigate the origin of UFOs, the Pentagon submitted its first report to Congress. According to Reuterstwo defense officials appeared before a House intelligence subcommittee to report on the progress of the special unit created in 2021.

Ronald Moultrie and Scott Bray, senior intelligence officers with the Airborne Object Identification and Management Group, told lawmakers that 400 cases of unidentified aerial phenomena have been recorded (UAP). Although the working group has no evidence that the sightings have anything to do with alienshas not ruled out this possibility.

“We have no material, we have not detected emanations within the UAP task force that would suggest it is something of extraterrestrial origin,” said Bray, deputy director of naval intelligence. The special team arose after a government report documenting more than 140 UFO cases that occurred between November 2004 and March 2021.

The public hearing of the intelligence officers is the first in fifty years. Although the conspiracy theories continue, the UFOs are objects of national security for the United States.

Officers presented two videos of alleged UFOs (or UAPs) to lawmakers. The first was an optical illusion caused by night vision goggles. The second, like the videos declassified by the Pentagon, has no logical explanation and shows an object passing like lightning through the cabin window of a military plane.

Andre Carson, chairman of the House intelligence subcommittee, said although they have no explanation, UFOs are real. The legislator questioned the officials about whether they were willing to consider all the hypotheses, to which one of them answered yes.

We are open to all hypotheses. We are open to any conclusions we can find. We want to know what’s out there as much as you want to know.

Scott Bray assured that there are a handful of UFO cases in which there is more information. The rest is an unsolved mystery due to the paucity of data. The deputy director of naval intelligence assured that they don’t know anyone capable of flying a plane without propellants.

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UFOs interest America, but not for the reasons you think

Alien Autopsya 2006 documentary mocking the alien autosia hoax

Extraterrestrial life is a topic that has been with us for a long time. Despite the fact that there is no record of its existence, humanity clings to the slightest possibility. The roswell incidentoccurred in 1947, catapulted the UFO phenomenon and gave rise to multiple conspiracy theories that are discussed today.

Some claim that The United States recovered the remains of an alien ship which he subsequently moved to Area 51. Others believe that the aliens arrived during the flourishing of Mesoamerican cultures and that they are responsible for tracing the famous Nazca Lines.

Although the advent of digital photography reduced the number of “sightings”, UFOs are an object of study for the United States. The Government recently declassified three videos showing encounters between Navy fighter planes and unidentified flying objects.

Previously, the Pentagon delivered a brief report to Congress about these meetings. Lawmakers are concerned about the risks posed to national security by the presence of UFOs. Rick Crawford, a Republican senator on the subcommittee, believes that the encounters could be about a new air system or hypersonic weapons designed by China or Russia.