The importance of improving personnel processes in HR

The importance of improving personnel processes in HR

To this end, the Human Resources areas must be aware of the importance of their contributions and take the initiative to define a short- and long-term strategy that incorporates trends and best practices in the labor market.

Such is the case of Personnel Processes, which require continuous updates and improvements in various aspects regarding the stages of the employee life cycle.

On the one hand, we have the Employer Brand, which refers to the organization’s reputation with the outside world and with job seekers. Focus on directing efforts to offer a key differentiating factor, with the aim that companies attract the best talent, and thus generate better business results.

Regarding the Candidate Experience, how a candidate feels and behaves with respect to the selection, training, interview, hiring and incorporation processes of a company.

Working to improve the candidate experience in a positive way will make the company feel good for candidates. In fact, a great experience can make candidates want to share their good feelings with others.

An important process is to focus on shaping the critical first impressions of the new employee during their Onboarding Process as they gain their first real experience of the day-to-day running of the company, which will lay the foundation for the employee-employer relationship based on of the sensations and impressions acquired during the first two stages. A correct incorporation boarding will ensure that new employees are operational as soon as possible.

By implementing the Performance Management method to periodically assess an employee’s job performance and overall contribution to the company, critical points can be identified and the performance of employees can be improved, as well as their productivity increased.

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