The Chinese Communist Party uses an AI to read the minds of its members

The Chinese Communist Party uses an AI to read the minds of its members

According to information from Timesthe Chinese government would have developed an artificial intelligence capable of “reading the minds” of members of the Communist Party. Although it sounds like something out of a movie, China’s top brass want to know how “receptive” their members are to “thought education.”

The aforementioned medium also comments that the technology capable of doing this would have been revealed by China in an article published on July 1. However, it appears that the documents were deleted shortly afterwards. That yes, the Times had enough time to document it, and everything points to a dystopian marvel of science fiction.

According to the Hefei National Comprehensive Science Center, this AI would be based on the reading of brain waves, in conjunction with the facial expressions of the subject. Thus, the Chinese government plans to determine how receptive its party members are to what they have called “thought education.”

An AI to know how loyal you are to your party

But what exactly are the Chinese trying to demonstrate with this AI? According to the article published by the Hefei National Comprehensive Science Center, this technology seeks to “judge how party members have accepted political and thought education.” However, this is not all. He also plansprovide real data so that political and thought education can be improved“.

The ultimate goal of this AI is to strengthen “the confidence and determination” of the members of the Communist Party, “to be grateful to the game, listen to the game and follow the game“. A premise that is not creepy at all, not at all…

So far it seems Hefei has managed to involve 43 members of the Communist Party in this technology. In the original publication, the existence of a video was even recorded where we can see several members of the party putting themselves to the test. Each of them enters a kind of kiosk, where they sit in front of a screen and look at articles promoting the politics and achievements of the party.

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Of course, until now it has not been possible to determine if this AI that allows the reading of brain waves is located inside this kiosk. The article does not detail exactly how would China go about deploying the tool nationwide. And it is that the plan is to also be able to control the commitment of the other millions of members of the Communist Party. Something that reminds us of its facial recognition technology implanted throughout the country.

an ominous future

This is not the first time China has experimented with “mind-reading” technologies. In 2018, the South China Morning Post confirmed that brainwave reading was being tested on factory workers in Hangzhou. At that time, the AI was being used to detect the emotions of workers. Thus, they could record emotional peaks, depression, anxiety or anger.

Of course, we think it is not necessary to comment on how terrible this technology is. If the premise already generates enough bad body, What would happen to people who do not meet the Communist Party’s “confidence and determination” quotas? Will they no longer be able to even mentally question the decisions of their higher-ups without facing possible banishment? We do not know for sure, but the truth is that it does not look good at all.