The butterfly for the wrist of the ‘gamers’ on YouTube: it is a useless piece of junk

The butterfly for the wrist of the ‘gamers’ on YouTube: it is a useless piece of junk

A device for protect the doll during the game is causing a furor among the gamers from United States. Is about Carpio 2.0a kind of butterfly-shaped support that is placed under the mouse, to cushion the movements of the hand and avoid injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Such is its success that it is even beginning to attract the attention of some gamers in other countries, such as Spain. But are there really reasons to buy it?

The product cost 30 euros, plus another 5 euros of shipping costs. Although it goes up about 5 euros if you want it in a color that is not the basic black. In addition, the replacement pads cost another 20 euros. Still it can seem like a bargain with all that it promises. But the truth is that, if we stick to the science behind it, 30 euros are quite wasted.

Yes, it is true that the carpal tunnel syndrome may be a consequence of work with mouse. Perhaps the fact of having something to rest the wrist has some utility. But a device as specific as Carpio 2.0 is not necessary at all. There are options that may seem less sophisticated and less fashionable, but they are much cheaper. In the end, everything pays off.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Before talking about this wrist protector that is so loved by gamersLet’s see what is the carpal tunnel syndrome.

It is a condition caused by continued pressure on the median nerve. This is a nerve that starts in the armpit and runs down the arm and wrist to the fingers. Basically, on the wrist it is in the area that we press when we work with a computer mouse.

Reviews of the scientific literature do not find much evidence linking the use of computers with carpal tunnel syndrome

Between the carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms lie numbness, tingling and weakness, both in the hand and in the arm.

It is commonly associated with frequent use of computersboth for work and for leisure, in the case of gamers. Although the truth is that there is some contradiction in the studies. In fact, in recent years there have been several reviews of the scientific literature in which it is concluded that there is no scientific evidence enough to relate carpal tunnel syndrome to computer work or computer games.

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Still, on the page delta hubthe designer company of Carpio 2.0, assure that “the use of a computer mouse during more than two hours a day increases the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s a pretty blunt statement, given the evidence that exists. But it is magnificent to sell its products, without a doubt.


Do we need to protect the doll like the gamers?

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, the simple suspicion that there is a slight relationship between the use of computers and carpal tunnel syndrome has led to the development of all kinds of wrist protection devices.

Carpio 2.0 is the option more sophisticated. On their website they say that to design it they had the advice of medical experts, who helped them find the optimal solution. To do this, they analyzed both X-ray images and 3D models of the wrist that helped them study the fine movements of the hand. With these data they made more than 50 prototypesamong which what has finally become this groundbreaking product was selected.

Carpio 2.0 was chosen from more than 50 different prototypes

A groundbreaking product that is based on practically the same thing as padded mouse pads with wrist rests that can be found for less than 10 euros. On hypertextual we have talked about it with Ruben Tovarphysical therapist and author of the book Osteopathy, what a scam! For him it is not necessary a device as sophisticated as this one that so much likes the gamers. “I am has been around for decades And it’s not like it’s a panacea either,” he says. “It’s just for avoid extended position held in the hand so that it does not fall asleep”. Also, compare it to the mats mentioned above. “Mouse mats with a hump for the same thing have been made for a long time.”

In short, there is little evidence that gamers o Office workers are more likely to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Even so, given the minimal evidence found in some studies, it is possible to use mats with supports to support the wrist or simply rest your hands from time to time. Or buy the Carpio 2.0, of course. But perhaps it is more advisable to buy it because it can be nice to have a kind of butterfly attached to the computer mouse. If the objective is only to take care of the doll, the truth is that there are cheaper options.