Tales of Arise will not have a direct sequel

Tales of Arise will not have a direct sequel

Despite having sold quite well compared to other installments in the franchise, bandai namco confirmed that for now they have no intention of releasing a direct sequel for Tales of Arise. Yusuke Tomiwaza, producer of the series, explained why during a recent interview and the reason makes sense.

Talking with GamesRadar, Tomiwaza mentioned that from the beginning, his plans with Tales of Arise they were to create a story that would leave a “good taste in the mouth” in the players once they have already reached the credits. Because of this, the team is already working on a high-profile title that can build on the foundation it left behind. Arise. They also mentioned that this would be a good opportunity to rediscover the history of the franchise.

In other words, bandai namco He is already working on the next installment of the ‘Tales Of’ saga, although it will surely take a while longer to find out the title of this new adventure. Be that as it may, at least Tales of Arise served to establish the foundations for the future of this saga.


Publisher’s note: On the one hand it’s disappointing that we’re not going to get more stories set in the Tales of Arise universe, but I think I’m also super excited to see what the next game in this series will be. I just hope they don’t take so long to announce it.

Via: GamesRadar