Thus – and not at all unrelated to the context in which they lived – growing businesses currently represent one of the foundations to pay for the construction of the economic recovery in Mexico. In this sense, 2022 is presented as a key moment to glimpse some of the main trends that the sector will present. A year that, we all hope, is marked by the calm that must come after the most powerful storms.

The human factor and mental well-being

One of the strongest conclusions that the pandemic has brought us is the relevance of the people who are part of an organization, where issues such as mental well-being, inclusion and empathy are crucial values ​​in teams, especially among small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). As never before, confinement raised levels of stress, anxiety and depression in people. Hence, by 2022 the well-being of the members of every growing company will need particular attention.

Some of the considerations that can be put into practice is to promote mental well-being programs within the organization, initiatives of mindfulness, meditation, workshops, free psychological care and webinars specialized. In this field, it is necessary to recognize the moods of colleagues and approach them with care, genuine interest and emotional intelligence, a challenge for leaders, teams of human talent and even for technology.

Technology and


as internal motor

Before COVID-19, seven out of 10 Mexican SMEs They did not have tools or digital sales channels. However, they had to meet the challenge in a short time and the vast majority survived through digitization. In this way, technology and the use of data are positioned towards 2022 as one of the most relevant windows of opportunity.

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Basically because it has been shown that technology is key to having fast, efficient and scalable processes, which in turn translate into a better experience for end customers.

In the case of data, Some studies around the world reveal how small companies that base their decisions on the use of data are more productive and more profitable. Thus, data processing intelligently can lead a company to rise within its category.