Super Hero will bring back some classic villains

Super Hero will bring back some classic villains

Despite the fact that there are still several more months to go before the launch of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, These last few days have been full of details about the heroes and villains that we will see in this future feature film. We know that the story will focus on some of the Z Warriors with less presence in the anime, but certain classic antagonists of the franchise will also return.

We are talking about the Red Ribbon Company, responsible for the creation of the androids that Goku and company had to win years ago. For this movie they will return with a new leader known as Magenta, who has managed to rebuild this organization under the name of Pharmaceutical Network. In fact, they have now created new androids that will be a headache for our heroes.

In the trailers that have been released about this film we could already see these villains in action, but it seems that we will have to wait until the premiere of the film to know exactly how evil they are. Regardless of what happens, we will surely have some very good battles waiting for us.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero It will hit Japanese theaters in April of this year, but it recently received its first international release date and you can see it here.


Editor’s note: I love that this movie shows us new facets of well-known heroes and villains. After all, Saiyans have always been the center of attention in Akira Toriyama’s work, and I think it’s about time other characters started to come into the spotlight.

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Super Hero will bring back some classic villains

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