Square Enix no longer knows how to continue mining NFTs

Square Enix no longer knows how to continue mining NFTs

The cryptocurrency market may be deflating like a bouncy castle for kids, but Square Enix is ​​hopeful of continuing to integrate its “profits” into video games. According to a new company report for its shareholders collected by VGC, Square Enix intends to bring NFTs to its games in development. Basically, you want to create NFTs with their own stories.

Yosuke Matsuda, current president of the company, wants cryptocurrencies to become the future of Square Enix. To do this, they are working on what they have called “games and entertainment blockchain” and “story-focused” NFT content. This strategy should come soon, and the company has proposed it as a medium-term one.

Yes indeed, Matsuda has been cautious enough to keep his big franchises out of business.. During one of the discussions about this new project, the question arose how the current sagas would be affected. To this, Matsuda replied that “It’s still too early to consider turning dragon quest Y final-fantasy in blockchain games”.

A risky proposal for Square Enix

NFTs are not exactly what we expected to see in future gaming innovation. After all, it’s a one-way benefit, with a few exceptions. Being the beneficiaries the large corporations and investors, while users can stick with a shiny, “single” virtual card/accessory to do nothing at all. In addition, without counting the polluting aspects that we face when talking about blockchain in general.

Square Enix is ​​not the first to bet on NFTs in their games. Ubisoft — yes, no one is surprised — already defended the adoption of non-fungible tokens in video games at the beginning of the year.

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Of course, here Ubisoft earned the ire of employees and gamers alike, and with good reason. After all, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint It was one of the titles that got on the bandwagon without its community having requested it. Nevertheless, they were just cosmetic items for a game that wasn’t the brightest gem on the market either.

Square Enix recently announced the sale of large franchises to Embracer Group. Between them, tomb Raider, Deux Ex Y Legacy of Kain. The company promised that would not use the 300 million dollars gained after the sale in NFT investments. Instead, they will be used to strengthen the company’s position today.

DLC history repeats itself

Do you remember when DLCs first hit the market? Of course yes. Ubisoft was, of course, one of the first to adopt them in its great titles. The anger of the people became palpable at the momentwith forums and magazines talking passionately about why it was such a terrible idea.

It seems that the same thing is happening with NFTs. Unfortunately, until now we do not have an example that demonstrates a true benefit compared to previous practice. Beyond “making your articles really yours”, there is no other argument that the big companies have put forward to convince the public.

Of course, it is better that we get used to the panorama, as we already did with the DLCs at the time. We’re not the biggest fans of NFTs in video games, but it looks like they’re not going anywhere at the moment… At least not until something more beneficial for these corporations comes out..