Spotify becomes SingStar with a karaoke mode that even scores how you sing

Spotify becomes SingStar with a karaoke mode that even scores how you sing

Spotify is implementing a new complementary feature to one of its most recent functions: the possibility of seeing the lyrics of the songs. The Swedish music streaming service, in particular, has started to activate a karaoke mode in some of the tracks available on its platform, users are given the opportunity to sing the songs and even receive a final score to know how well they have done.

The new Spotify karaoke function, we reiterate, makes use of the feature that allows you to see the lyrics of the songs. In fact, the option is activated from the lyrics display section itself. The user, therefore, only has to search for the song they want to play, access its player and slide to the bottom. Once inside the letter area, it will be necessary to click on the ‘Sing’ button that appears in the upper area. The app will activate the Karaoke mode showing a new screen with the playback buttons, a new preview of the lyrics of the songs, which change to the rhythm of the music, and a voice level indicator.

Spotify, on the other hand, makes use of the microphone to be able to capture the user’s voice and establish a final score. The score actually It is a percentage of precision so that the user can know if he has done it in a similar way to the original artist. If the percentage is high -apparently greater than 80%-, the platform will show confetti on the screen as a reward.

Although there are artists who, independently of this function, release ‘Karaoke’ versions of their songs on the different streaming platforms so that the user can interpret them, the new Spotify mode seems to be available on most tracks with lyrics. The feature, mind you, is only active in a few countries, but it is likely to expand globally in the coming days.

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Spotify now allows you to create, in a way, personalized music bands

The karaoke function is not the only one that Spotify has recently launched. The Swedish service too has started to activate a feature called ‘Supergrouper’, which allows, in a way, Combine different artists to create a custom music band.

‘Supergrouper’ doesn’t actually create collaborations by mixing music from different artists. It is, rather, a different option for design a play list personalized with songs of those artists of which the user is a fan. The playlist can be shared with other users or through social networks. Also have a somewhat different design so that the person who created it can show who your ideal music group would be made up ofwhat would be the name of that band and who would be, for example, the singer, the guitarist, etc.

This feature is currently only available in English-speaking countries. User can access to this link from your smartphone and select the artists you would like to see in a band —or, let Spotify do it based on your listeners—, as well as set their roles if you wish. You can also create a name for that imaginary group. Finally, the app will create the playlist with the songs of each artist that best suit the person’s listening.