Spain will prohibit the use of the ‘Loot Boxes’ to those under 18 years of age

Spain will prohibit the use of the ‘Loot Boxes’ to those under 18 years of age

Spain continues to advance in a law that allows to regulate the use of Loot Boxes (or reward boxes), present in a wide variety of video games. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has published the first draft of the bill with some of the main measures and prohibitions to guarantee the health of the most vulnerable players. Between them, the use of these elements to minors under 18 years of ageas well as the prohibition of advertising except for a time slot.

The regulation, specifically, applies exclusively to those Random Reward Mechanisms (MAR) or ‘loot boxes’ that work by exchanging random elements for money —either through official currencies or through digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies or even NFTs—, and that are present in third-party video games, websites or platforms. It stands out, we reiterate, for the prohibition on those under 18 years of age, since in order to acquire a they will have to verify their age through different methodssuch as identification through ID or some biometric recognition system.

In parallel, those of legal age who wish to may limit the expense related to the purchase of the loot boxes establishing, for example, times of use or a maximum amount that they wish to spend on these mechanisms. Video game firms, therefore, must offer an option of these characteristics in their titles.

Spain will also ban advertising related to Loot Boxes

Video game development companies also They will not be able to advertise these elements in different situations.yes Among them, when it is physical or face-to-face, such as billboards, written press, etc. They will also not be able to promote Loot Boxes on those websites or social networks that are not related to video games. They may do so in audiovisual media, such as radio or television, but only in a time slot from 01:00 to 05:00 in the morning.

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Finally, companies must also be transparent about the level of probabilities to get random items on calls Loot Boxes. In any case, those who do not comply with these obligations will be sanctioned with up to 25,000 euros if it is a minor infraction, from 25,000 to 2,000,000 euros if it is a serious one, and from 2,000,000 to 3 million euros for very serious offenses. Going even to close the services that allow the use of the button boxes.

At the moment, the bill is in a public hearing phase, where new proposals may be submitted until July 23. Later, the text will go through the Council of Ministers, where the measure will be approved so that it can begin, as a bill, its processing in the Cortes.