The head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, who is seen as one of the strong cards to run for the presidency in 2024 by Morena, considered that the selection of the candidate of said party should be done through a However, he said with a laugh, “there will be time for that.”

In her morning press conference, the capital president was questioned about whether she agrees with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador that Morena select her candidate through a survey, to which she replied: “(that) is what the statutes establish of the party to which we belong, but also the President of the Republic has always maintained it, even before Morena existed ”.

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─ Is it the most democratic method? He was asked.

─Perhaps the most democratic, exactly. What problems do you have in some parties where open elections were held? Well, some others (profiles) who did not belong to the political party participated; In the case of polls, there is simply no other way than what the people think at that time. So, it is a good method, and there will be time for that too.

In the same meeting with the press, the Head of Government was questioned about what she would do around the megalopolis if she became president of Mexico, to which Sheinbaum Pardo cut short: “we are going to separate. Now you really have to take care of the answers. The issue of the Presidency will be defined in due course and with the method established by our party, and what the president mentioned yesterday, that is an issue ”.

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Sheinbaum Pardo is close to President López Obrador since he was Head of Government of Mexico City (2000-2005), where the president served as Secretary of the Environment and implemented two of the emblematic policies of the then capital president: the latter Peripheral floors and the construction of Line 1 of the Metrobús.

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The now Head of Government is seen as one of the strong letters of President López Obrador for the presidential succession of 2024 because he would continue his political project. Also, today Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard is contemplated, who during López Obrador’s mandate was Secretary of Public Security. There is even talk of Senator Ricardo Monreal, who coordinated the second presidential campaign of the Tabasco, in 2012.

López Obrador recently led a work tour in Mexico City in the company of Claudia Sheinbaum for the inauguration of Banco del Bienestar branches in three municipalities. In one of the events, a photograph in which the president is seen raising the hand of his former collaborator was viralized on social networks. On that occasion, the head of the Executive assured that Mexico City is “well governed by Claudia Sheinbaum.”

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